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One of the noblest jobs in the world is to take care of others. And nursing being a part of such a job makes one a part of this noble job. And to become a nurse, one has to complete a nursing degree. The degree involves studying how one can impeccably take care of others who are unwell, disabled or recovering from a specific illness or after any medical intervention. It also includes learning about taking care of older people.

If you plan to Study Diploma of Nursing in Australia, the following discussion will ideally offer you all the information about it. And taking your training and diploma from Menzies Institute of Technology will definitely be the best choice. So, let us begin the discussion of knowing all about studying for a diploma in nursing in Australia.

Finding the specific course

There is not one specific course but many courses in nursing. So, when you want to study Diploma of nursing in Australia, the first step towards the goal is to choose the specific course in which you would like to attain your diploma. It is a crucial step requiring you to consider your dreams, skills, and field of interest and discuss with Marketing and Admissions Staff regarding the training product.

Finish the PTR

The PTR stands for Pre-Training Review; here, in this context, when you have chosen and decided upon which course you would want to pursue, the following step will be to complete your pre-training review. It also includes taking an interview with the marketing and the admissions staff. This step is essential to guarantee that the applicant has all the necessary information about the enrolment.

It also helps ensure the marketing and admissions staff that applicants have all the suitable qualifications for enrolling on the course. The needs and inherent requirements also undergo the review process in this process.

Apply for the course.
Now comes the most exciting step:
  1. Enroll for the course or apply for the specific course you have decided on.
  2. Pick the form for the course you have opted for.
  3. Fill out the form carefully and complete all the necessary procedures for submitting the form.
  4. Provide all the required documents that you need to submit the form.
Obtain the Letter of Offer

A letter of Offer which is also known as the LOO is a crucial step when you want to pursue a Diploma of nursing course. You will have to apply for this letter, and once the letter undergoes approval, you can issue the Letter of Offer.

Getting the letter accepted

After the Letter of Offer is approved, you must sign and accept the letter. And this is the final stage in understanding and agreeing to every term and condition of the Letter of Offer. After this is over, you need to make the payment as required in the Letter of Offer and arrange for the initial necessary payment for conforming to the enrolment.

Confirmation of Enolmnent

The next step enables the Confirmation of Enrollment, COE to Study Diploma of Nursing in Australia. The procedure and components are different for onshore and offshore students. It would be best if you looked into the appropriate and respective procured for confirmation of enrolment based on whether you are an onshore or offshore applicant.

Take the language, literacy and numeracy test.

The language, literacy and numeracy test, also known as the LNN test, is the next step in the process. The students or the applicants will receive the email for the test, and the eerie applicant must compulsorily take this test. The applicants have the choice of taking the test before or after the presentation. But, what is important is that every applicant must complete it before the beginning of the training.

The applicant gets a score based on this test between 1 and 5. The scoring is on the basis of the Australian Core Skills Framework, popularly known as the ACSF.


Now, the applicant must attend the orientation session. The applicant must attend the session to receive all the information regarding the course . The information that one receives from the orientation also includes uniform sizing, student registration, student ID card issuance process and the like. It is necessary for every student to attend this session, without which they will not be able to receive the necessary and crucial information to go about further to the Study Diploma of Nursing in Australia.

Final Words

This comes to the end of the different steps one needs to go through to pursue the course of nursing in Australia. One important aspect you must ensure is that you must choose the best institute for completing this degree. And when it comes to opting for the best institute, Menzies Institute of Technology is inimitable and undeniably the perfect choice. It is the ideal institute for students from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, and other South Asian countries students who want to study in Australia and pave their career in the field of Nursing.
All the above steps will guide you through the process of applying to this institute and glazing the path to achieve your dream of completing the course of diploma in Nursing in Australia from such a prestigious institute like Menzies Institute of technology.

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