Covid-19 Information


Covid-19 Variation to Delivery and Assessment Strategy

Additional entry requirements:

  • Student must have access to working PC or laptop with a configuration suitable to meet study requirements. Please seek your trainer/assessor assistance in this regard.
  • Student must have sound digital literacy and access to working internet.
  • Student must be able to attend scheduled theory classes and classes to be conducted in simulated environment
  • Where classroom visit is required to conduct the assessments in the compliant way and in accordance with Standard 1.8 of SRTO 2015, Menzies Institute of Technology would not be allowing more than 4 learners (or one group, whichever is less) in the class ensuring 4 sqm social distancing is maintained.

During COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, Menzies Institute of Technology will use a flexible delivery mode for training and assessment, providing training package requirements allow for this. We would ensure that all regulatory requirements are met with as little disruptions possible. As circumstances change and restrictions are eased, these temporary arrangements will be reviewed, and enrolled students will be notified accordingly. Menzies Institute of Technology aims to review any changes in circumstances before commencement of each term so that it has least possible impact on students and course delivery.

Menzies Institute of Technology will seek student’s consent of online delivery and assessment (where possible) prior to their enrolment during this COVID-19 outbreak.

We are fully committed to remain transparent on the mode of delivery, resources available to students, methods of assessment and how assessment in simulated environment will be managed. We ensure that:

  • Students are treated fairly and reasonably.
  • Any adjustments to courses are transparent and communicated clearly to students.
  • All adjustments to course delivery, the process for informing and seeking students’ consent, and information relevant to individual students is documented and retained.


New Students’ Orientation will be done via phone, e-mail and online webinar. New students will receive an e-mail and call from the Admissions Department at the latest 1 day prior to their date of commencement with all necessary further information and instructions.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact +61 (03) 9329 8333 or +61 1300 244 002 or Please email or call the student administration should you require any additional support. 


Depending on the COVID-19 restrictions set by the government, Menzies Institute of Technology will transition accordingly (for example, transition to an online learning environment unless required to be in simulated environment specifically in class; or COVID-19 restrictions are eased and/or state government allow to return to full onsite learning). If any student require assistance with their online learning environment, student will notify their trainer and assessor where trainer/assessor will provide them with further guidance.

Current Situation

In line with latest update, access to Menzies Institute of Technology Campus is still restricted to those activity only which cannot be done at home.

Guided by the government advice and our own assessment, we will be permitting essential learning, support sessions, delivery and assessment and other related activities back on campus. Students will be advised from time to time. To ensure we are carefully managing the number of students, staff and trainers/assessors on campus, the COVID Safe procedures and manuals and distancing will be followed.

Online options

The online learning environment will be supported by a range of resources that will vary between units but may consist of learning summaries, video recordings or YouTube videos, and extra documents to aid student’s learning.  All training staff will be available online at scheduled class times to guide and support the student through their studies. The online learning environment will be available through using the student learning management system – CANVAS.


Assessment tasks will vary for each unit of competency, but some of these may be moved online. Some assessment tasks may also be delayed or deferred to a later date pending the situation with COVID-19. The trainers are required to communicate with students for unit specific information. The best way to do this is through CANVAS and emails.


All staff at Menzies Institute of Technology will continue to work and will continue to provide the students with the support any individual may need. The student will remain connected with each trainer/assessor through regular class participation to assist them continuing their studies. Menzies Institute of Technology will also provide online academic and language support and student support staff are always here to help.

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